Creative Maladjustment Day

on July 07, 2016

Join us for a special event on Saturday, July 9th! The Hive will be participating in Creative Maladjustment Week, an international celebratation of MAD PRIDE, through a day of free workshops! The day will end with a concert at Headroom stages at 7 pm in collaboration with The Future Collective.

Workshops are taking place 12 Flat St, the former Monsters and Heroes retail space, across the street from the Boys & Girls Club.

Topics and schedule as follows:

10:00 Maladjusted to Racism- speak out and action planning

11:15 Alternatives to Calling Police – a summary of last weekend’s Hive potluck/workshop with an interactive brainstorm/sharing

12:15 Break

1:00 Fight Like Hell And Live: Strategies for Surviving Suicidality and Supporting Friends in Crisis Without Utilizing Psychiatric Services or Police

2:15 Cultural Diversity and Madness: What boats did YOUR people come over on? With respect to issues of race and ethnicity, which wave of emigration folded your family/ancestors into the U.S. melting pot makes a difference in how you express yourself, respond to conflict, manage crisis. This workshop explores those differences. Come prepared to move your body, within a safe container negotiated by the workshop participants.

3:30 Fat Pride: In what ways do the valuation or devaluation of size harm people? How does pathologizing survival harm people? What are the unspoken holistic harms of an oppressive system of sizism? What are some paradigms, tactics and resources for surviving and thriving as a fat person in this cultural context, despite the best intentions of the diet industrial complex? People of all sizes welcome.

Our weird and wonderful lineup in the evening at Headroom Stages (17 Elliot St) 7-11 pm includes:

Shea Witzo
If Not I Than Who Then (
Willie Gussin

Pay what/if you can.
Free ice cream will be served courtesy of the Future!

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