Mad Studies Group (New!)

The Hive has begun a monthly study group on the topic of madness.* Each month we will look at some materials (articles, book chapters, videos, podcasts, etc) and then discuss. These may include personal stories of madness, historical resistance to psychiatry, theories about madness, etc. We will also take a look at related current events and the ways that the psychiatric survivor movement intersects with other movements. This group is ideal for psychiatric survivors and anyone interested in being an ally. If you are interested in attending this group please contact the Hive. Currently we meeting one Thursday evening per month.

*You may think of the term “mad” as similar to the word “queer,” but referring mostly to our social and emotional lives. Being mad means not conforming to the standards (especially those created by psychiatrists and psychologists) of what is considered to be “normal” thoughts, feelings and behaviors. It also may mean people (especially people in “helping” roles) have harmed you and you’re angry about it.